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Some of laney product

For Acoustic Guitar model: LA65D / LA20C / LA12C / LA35C
For Multi Instrument Amplifiers model: AH50 / AH200 / AH100
For Guitar model: LC15-110 / LC30-112 / LC50-112 / GS212IE / LH50
For Guitar LIONHEART model: L5T-112 / LT212 / L20H
For Guitar LXgeneration model: LX20D / LX35D / LX12
For Guitar NEXUSTUBE model: NX810 / NEXUStube
Acoustic Laney LA65D
Laney P20
PRISM Laney P35 Guitar Amplifier Combo

The P20 is the smallest member of the new PRISM range, but don't let its size fool you - this is a feature packed amp.
Housed in stylish and thoroughly modern looking cabinets the P20 features a logically laid out pre amp which gives you clear access to everything you need.

The Laney PRISM P35 Guitar Amplifier Combo follows the Laney philosophy in Digital amp design. The PRISM P35 looks at the whole picture rather than just concentrating on one aspect of a player's tone.
The left hand side of the Laney PRISM P35 houses the AMP settings and the mode selection switches and onboard tuner, the centre of the pre amp features the conventional amplifier controls and the right hand side of the pre amp is devoted to handling the effects side of things and the overall master volume control.
The Laney P35 generates 35 watts RMS output and houses an 10" Custom Driver. Round the back of the unit the rear panel houses an extension speaker out, a phones / record out socket and the FS2 and FS1 footswitch sockets to enable foot switching of the user channels. The top of the unit is finished off with a very stylish moulded handle.
The P35 can be used in one of two modes - HERO & LIVE. HERO mode comes pre-loaded with 11 inspirational guitar tones from "Clean to Extreme" which take their inspiration from the different amp and effects combinations used on classic guitar recordings.
In LIVE mode the P35's controls function like a conventional amplifier, but with the cool feature of being able to use one of the 11 different AMP settings as a starting point for producing your own tone. Simply select the AMP mode you want, adjust the controls to suit and the add the effects you want and then store the end result to one of the four user channels, simply holding the desired channel button for 2 seconds.
The Laney P35 also features a variable BOOST function, which can be assigned to any of the AMP modes, adjusted to suit your needs and stored in one of the user banks for later recall. The P35 houses a comprehensive multi-FX Palette consisting of 11 carefully selected effect combinations giving you access to all the classic studio quality effects you'll need. Each effects selection is fully editable with all the key parameters accessible by the TAP and EDIT control functions and combinations of the TAP, A, B & bypass buttons.

The Laney PRISM P35 Guitar Amplifier Combo Main Features Include:
    * Power RMS: 30 Watts
    * Channels: 4 User Channels
    * Equalisation: Bass, Middle and Treble
    * Boost Switch: Adjustable Boost
    * Footswitch: FS1 (boost - not included), FS2 (channel scroll and select - not included)
    * Drivers: Custom Designed 10"
    * Effects: Multi FX
    * Headphone Socket
    * Built in tuner
    * CD Input: 3.5mm stereo jack
    * Weight: 11 Kg
    * Dimensions: Width 406mm x Height 401mm x Depth 256mm

Laney LA 65D

The LA65D is the flagship model of the new dedicated acoustic combo's. Designed to give the acoustic guitar player a pure acoustic guitar tone, studio quality reverb and the flexibility to deal with any number of different applications.

The LA65D handles anything plugged into it with ease, be it a regular 6 string dreadnought or parlour, nylon stung or 12 string, Nothing is lost from the natural guitars tone – everything is there present and correct.